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A customer service department in tune with your needs.

At Trevi, each and every distributor is our number one priority. We listen closely and handle all your needs.

The Trevi brand has been synonymous with excellence for the past 37 years, and we are aware that our success rests on the quality and expertise of our staff and our customer service department. Employees are selected with care, and you can be assured that those who make the cut are efficient, trustworthy and courteous.

At Trevi, you always deal with passionate and attentive individuals. Our call centre is located within our manufacturing plant, which means that customer service employees are always at the centre of all the action, in a position to follow each situation very closely. This is an undeniable asset for both Trevi and its distributors, ensuring smooth operations and timely deliveries. The quicker you receive your products, the quicker you can address your own customers' needs and guarantee their satisfaction. We are especially proud of the quality of our customer service, and this pride can be felt by our customers as well.

We work hard to provide you with customer service that exceeds industry standards, reinforcing our position as a leasing company in the pool manufacturing business






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