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Sizes available :

6' x 4' : 2 person
6' x 6' : 4 person
6' x 8' : 6 person

Through Computer Aided Milling and Computer Aided Design we take the time-tested art of barrel making to the extreme to ensure absolute accuracy. This produces a sauna that requires no specialty tools to assemble. All boards are precut to their exact dimensions, making assembly easy even for the not so handy.

The unique circular barrel design provides a much superior heat/steam circulation versus square or rectangular rooms. The 1 ½” thick cedar provides a natural insulation barrier for heat retention while still allowing the sauna to breath. With a circular design there is 23% less area to heat compared to the same size box style sauna.

Our barrel saunas are the largest in the industry. We make them a full 7’ tall x 7’ long for extra interior space and height ,and include 2 bench seats for comfort. They can easily seat 6 adults but are also great for 2 people lying down. We found that a 6’ diameter barrel sauna was just too small, so we set the standard! We guarantee there are none like it! Made from only the best clear westen red cedar!









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