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Above-ground pools

Trevi 110
The Trevi 110 is a starter pool that offers an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Entirely made of steel, it has a 5/8 in (1.59 cm) rail, a 7 in (18 cm) top seat and 52 in (132 cm) side panels.

Trevi 206
The Trevi 206 is the first pool in our high-end collection. Its posts and top seats are made from extruded resin containing graphite that can resist impact pressure, scratches and stress. It comes in the colour “Pearl”, has a ¾ in (1.90 cm) rail and the walls are available in two heights : 48 in (122 cm) or 52 in (132 cm).

Trevi 209
The high-end Trevi 109 is the only pool in our collection equipped with reinforced risers made of injected resin, allowing for elegant curves and an entirely different look. Its resin posts are attached to the 1 ¼ in (3.20 cm) rail for improved stability even on the most unstable ground, such as clay soils.

Trevi 218
The Trevi 218 is the ultimate above-ground pool, and represents the best choice for larger pools due to its toughness. Its specifications are similar to those of the 209, but it has 9 inch extruded resin top seats, larger posts and wider risers. Its steel walls are available in heights of 52 in (132 cm) or 54 in (137 cm). This model is an ideal combination of solidity, stability and stunning looks.

Trevi 222
A truly unique Trevi creation, our model 222 features the Secure-Lock system for added security, and guarantees improved stability for your pool.
This new design eliminates the need for screws at ground level, which also eliminates any risk of corrosion.

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