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Making decisions can be a difficult task. When choosing a wood pool for example, you should be confident that it will meet your needs - now, and years from now. That's why most people look for a pool with a combination of features that they'll enjoy for seasons to come.

It's not a dream...

Beauty, strength, resilience; this model offers all three. Plus it reflects current trends in landscape design. TAÏGA ZONE is the perfect choice for people who are concerned about aesthetics. Because it gives you the best of both worlds: the natural warmth of wood and the enduring beauty of polymer resin. Carefree fun for years to come.

Style and personality...

With TAÏGA ZONE POOL, you can practically design your own pool so that it blends in with your backyard landscaping elements. Choose cedar or pine wood, then select your shape and support options. Whatever your choices, your TAÏGA ZONE pool will be a pleasure for years to come, because it suits your family's recreational and aesthetic needs.








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